Australia is a very diverse and interesting country. A land of kangaroos and koalas, land of surfers and old-fashion hippies. Its a country which became home for many refugees and all the people from around the world. 

Let me brake a few stereotypes about Australia. NO kangaroos not running out on streets and its very hard to spot them, even tho on every road you have a sign of a kangaroo or other wild creature. Not every Australian is a surfer. Yes Australians are lay back and super chill, but they do work hard to be able to lay back later on. Australians are not as super open-minded as everyone things, tho hippy culture still found in Queensland's towns. 

Not everything is about the beach in Australia, people love cities and they love skyscrapers. 

Pictures are taken in 2017 winter by film camera Canon F-1 and DSL Canon 5D Mark2. 

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